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Blanketed Bat by Theautisticonenamedm Blanketed Bat :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 1 1
USF - More Sonic Boom
Perci (Erin Fitzgerald/?)
Fangirl: Wears a Justin Beaver shirt
Coco: Dressed as Coco Bandicoot from the Crash Bandicoot series
Tawna: Dressed as Tawna from the Crash Bandicoot series
Intro Quotes:
"I will defeat you!"
"I see an intruder."
"My family have defended Bygone Island for a hundred generations."
Character-Specific Intro Quotes
Vs. The Gizoid: "This must be one of the Destruction Troops."
Vs. Fleetway Rouge: "The Chaos Crystals must never fall into the hands of the wicked."
Vs. Boom Sonic: "Hey. Happen to have something you can fix my bike with or are you just gonna stand there gawking?”
Vs. Boom Tails: “Totally responsible for your age, right?”
Vs. Boom Knuckles: “Never heard of you, but who are those friends you hang with?”
Vs. Knuckles : Are you suffering muscle atrophy, big lug?
Vs. Boom Amy: “Eh. With the right tools I can handle about anything.”
Vs. Big Boy/Lyric/Boom Shadow: “Alright. I’ll protect this town
:icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 6 12
EWJ card by Theautisticonenamedm EWJ card :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 1 0
USF - The Shredder
The Shredder
(Scottie Ray/Hidenari Ukagi)
Santuloco - Looks like his IDW incarnation as drawn by Mateus Santuloco
Campbell - Resembles IDW version as drawn by Ross Campbell
Mirage - The original red-shirted mirage Shredder
Toon - Resembles the 1987 series version
Slice-Dicer - Resembles the Slice and Dice toy.
Stryfe - Dressed as Marvel’s Stryfe
Saki- Helmet removed revealed as various versions of Oroku Saki
Trash Can- The original movie trilogy version
Next Mutation- The live action series version
Superman Legend- The anime version
Outta the Shell- The live stage show version
Shogun- Based on the action figure of the same name
Ch'Rell - Helmet removed and chest exposed to reveal his true form of Ch'Rell.
Intro Quotes:
“You have done well in the old style, but now you face… The Shredder.”
“You see me as I am, and it will be the last thing you will ever see!”
“Come face your doom!”
Character-Specific Intro Quotes
Vs. Sonic:
:icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 6 3
Crappy Characters: Og by Theautisticonenamedm Crappy Characters: Og :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 1 1 Karnov FlamExtend by Theautisticonenamedm Karnov FlamExtend :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 1 0 Shade Outfit Design by Theautisticonenamedm Shade Outfit Design :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 1 0 Lavasaurus Toasty by Theautisticonenamedm Lavasaurus Toasty :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 0 0 Luke Periwinkle by Theautisticonenamedm Luke Periwinkle :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 1 1 Meet The Freak Of The Week-a by Theautisticonenamedm Meet The Freak Of The Week-a :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 0 0 Wrong Kind Of Football by Theautisticonenamedm Wrong Kind Of Football :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 1 0 Homo Sanicus by Theautisticonenamedm Homo Sanicus :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 2 3 Og Redesign by Theautisticonenamedm Og Redesign :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 0 2 A blanket shot by Theautisticonenamedm A blanket shot :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 0 0 Nothing Here But Us Memes by Theautisticonenamedm Nothing Here But Us Memes :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 0 0 Finja Art! by Theautisticonenamedm Finja Art! :icontheautisticonenamedm:Theautisticonenamedm 1 0

Random Favourites

Growing Around - Episodes - Chore Wars
[We see a nice opening shot of the sun rising over the Dunn house with a fitting musical medly playing. The light shines in through the window in Timmy and Sally's room and over the bunk bed. We cut between Timmy, Robert, and Linda all sleeping. When it gets to Sally's bed the bed is completely empty.]
[We cut to the kitchen where there is a bunch of random ingredients placed on the counter. Sally rises up behind the counter, wearing a combat helmet and eating a lollipop].
Sally: [like a drill instructor] Alright maggots. We've got a mission to do and that mission is to make our family breakfast.
[She starts yelling at a jar of a random ingredient]
[She bangs on the counter causing the jar to fall off of the counter and a smash is heard]
Sally: [She starts pacing past the ingredients] This is a dangerous mission, and some of you [looks at the eggs, of which there are only three left] will not survive, but this is the life you signed up for! Now a
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 30 43
Darkstalkers Morning Cereal TV Spot by 800PoundProductions Darkstalkers Morning Cereal TV Spot :icon800poundproductions:800PoundProductions 14 5 Sally Acorn by TubbyToon Sally Acorn :icontubbytoon:TubbyToon 374 81 Spekter's Bunnie by ShelbyRTheHedgehog Spekter's Bunnie :iconshelbyrthehedgehog:ShelbyRTheHedgehog 16 23 Spekter's Freedom Fighters by ShelbyRTheHedgehog Spekter's Freedom Fighters :iconshelbyrthehedgehog:ShelbyRTheHedgehog 32 23 Toxie breaking through wall. by sniceguy Toxie breaking through wall. :iconsniceguy:sniceguy 5 1 Pyros the Zeti colored Lineart by DisturbedToxicReapa Pyros the Zeti colored Lineart :icondisturbedtoxicreapa:DisturbedToxicReapa 1 2 Amy Rose booty bump inflation by Robot001 Amy Rose booty bump inflation :iconrobot001:Robot001 110 24 Amy gets frostbutt by Robot001 Amy gets frostbutt :iconrobot001:Robot001 91 5 Amy Rose inflated by JuacoProductionsArts Amy Rose inflated :iconjuacoproductionsarts:JuacoProductionsArts 96 25 Vanilla the Balloon Bunny - Colored by Boman100 Vanilla the Balloon Bunny - Colored :iconboman100:Boman100 108 1 R:Marine and Sticks water inflation by Ant-D R:Marine and Sticks water inflation :iconant-d:Ant-D 11 2 COM Fatty polies on a roll by Robot001 COM Fatty polies on a roll :iconrobot001:Robot001 83 32 Sonic Girls Inflations Vanilla by Barricade80 Sonic Girls Inflations Vanilla :iconbarricade80:Barricade80 53 6 R: Marine and Sticks blueberry inflation by Ant-D R: Marine and Sticks blueberry inflation :iconant-d:Ant-D 14 2 [Request] Blueberry Marine the Raccoon by JAM4077 [Request] Blueberry Marine the Raccoon :iconjam4077:JAM4077 45 11
Once upon a time, I planned a Zelda game in OpenBOR, a game much akin to Guardian Heroes and the D&D beat em ups. The game's controls would have relied on command inputs for each of the characters's special attacks, which improve as characters level up and more moves are added.

The Playable Cast:

I would have largely taken from Hyrule Warriors, although most of the villains would be post-game unlockable characters (although Cia is simply unlocked by defeating her, given that she reformed in the 3DS game), while Ravio and the King of Red Lions would get the axe. In addition, I would have added additional characters, such as;

* Saria (notably suffering from a curse that would turn her into a were-korok under certain conditions.)
* Malon
* Anju
* Hilda (to replace Ravio, mainly. Her inclusion spurned most of the other characters.)
* Maple
* Princess Styla
* Cremia
* Fado (suffers from the same curse as Saroa)
* Samus Aran (post-game unlockable)

(Yes, it would have been Harem Warriors all over again)

The level system:

Like in other OpenBOR games such as Super Final Fight Gold, characters could level up to increase HP and MP. Unlike those games, they would also unlock new moves and improve other stats. Players were able to level past twenty levels.


Locations were to be taken from many Zelda games though the years. Each level had specific quests for players to embark on, many based on specific games (some games would be encapsulated into a single quest, such as TriForce Heroes)
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Austin Robert Reed
United States
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