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Day 2- A New Cell

The morning rolled in, and the guard unlocked the clutches on the sides of the cage bottom.  “You two are movin’ to da official New Mobotropolis prison district.”  He walked away to the back of the room. “Maybe we can escape now”, Cassia remarked. “The guard has a gun.” I duly replied back. Regardless, Cassia punted against the front of the cage  It did not move, and only made a subtle rattling. “We’re screwed.” I thought, as I saw a light come out of the guard’s room.

The light belonged to a crane armed with a claw.  This claw moved over the empty cells of the prison over to ours. Like a fat man in search of a chip, the crane dropped down and grabbed us both in our cell, lifting us into the sky. I, acrophobic as I was, shivered with fright as I glanced upon the ever-shrinking floor. I hugged Cassia for comfort, and she started to cry. I began to cry too, not knowing what was to come next as the crane began moving. I took one last look down on the battlefield. The ruin beneath us defied description.
While distended bodies lay along the blood-stained grassland, vermin frolicking amongst them, I felt more relieved than horrified: Robotnik was over. Roboticization was no longer a fear. We would have little to fear once we were released from captivity. I believed that after our prison stay, we could live normal lives again. But how would others view us? I especially worried for Cassia, as she had been Legionized due to allergies. Was she to be feared by others due to her mechanical complexion?
But still, there would be no more "COPE" posters. No more "Robotnikare". No more ghettos, watch-camera-drones, Failure Surveys, or Robotnik merchandise everywhere. We were free. We were normal.
When we came to the prison, he lowered the cage into the cell, and then came over to open our cage door and our cell door. "Breakfast!" He shouted. We were excited to see what our first meal was as he gently led us to the cafeteria.
When we got to the lunch lady, we were served our meal. This was eggplant topped with fried coconut strips, fried in what seemed to be apple juice. Our side was a bran roll. Upon sitting down, we went for the bran rolls first. Next to me, Matty, a "pill-crab" or armadillidid, asked me if I was that Eggpunt starlet. I replied, "Of course, old ally." Those surrounding us glowered menacingly. "Just ignore them.", Cassia said. And so we ignored everyone except Matty. "Can I have your autograph?", he declared, which I replied with "not now, but it would be nice to do so."
After breakfast, we were taken back into our cell and told we would soon be given community service from Queen Sally. Anything to get us away from the likelihood of prison assault. I even watched one human adjacent to me scribble Robotnik insignia on the walls. I feared for my life every second as I watched him madly scribble. Cassia suggested that we should not shower. I asked her why.
"Showers are where the real vileness of a prison happens. Dropping your doubloon means you're a target for anyone to come out and touch you anywhere on your body, and then they take you. When they take you, they send the others after you, and then they turn on the hot showers that release toxic gas. And nobody's there to help you out. The guards always stay put, and everyone's against each other. Please don't shower."
“Better to smell like garbage than to be destroyed like it,” I replied to her, as she made a sigh of relief. And what a cute sigh she sighed! If she was happy, so was I. Within the half-hour, our community service papers were handed out to us.

To Be Continued
Captivity Narrative of Cassia and Clove Day 2
The First part of Day 2 of the Captivity Narrative.
Given the sheer amount of reboots, remakes, and bizarre adaptations (Peeps? It's a Small World?) (to be fair, the LEGO movie turned out quite good), here are a few perfectly good IP that truly SHOULD be rebooted, and how I'd handle them. This was inspired by Jarredspekter's take on the same topic.

Mega Man X

Megaman X was a classic tale of derring-do, heroics, and tragedy. However, some parts didn't quite make too much sense if you think about them. How many ways can a Reploid go Maverick? We've heard of old Reploids going Maverick due to a defect, but we've never seen it. They seem to all be either viral (most of them, and there's like three viruses), falsely accused (X4, X6, Command Mission), willingly became Maverick (X1, X2, several major villains), or were built to be evil to start with (X8). I'd like to see some defect Mavericks (Flame Hyenard and Cyber Peacock would be good choices), and more differentiation between Maverick Virus and Sigma Virus victims. I know that at least a few viewers didn't see Iris as sympathetic, and thus she might need some character fixing. I'd have her debut in X1's adaptation, elaborate on the relationship between her and Zero, and her reason for going Maverick would be the Sigma Virus, which bent her totally to Sigma's will.


Digimon haven't been the champions in ages. They used to be such a massive hit because the stories and especially the characters were well-written. The new series do not have this property. It's a shame, too, as the Digital World seems like such an incredibly interesting place, and the writers continuously squander their writing. Frontier was all about the three leads, and they were well-done, as was Izumi (even though she only got one kill), but no one was really caring about Junpei and Tomoki. Masaru was pretty cool too, and some liked Ikuto. But Taiki comes off as a generic shonen protagonist, with his interesting romance with Bastemon being quickly dropped for marketing purposes. Taigiru and Gumdramon feel like Nickelodeon characters. I'd make the Digital World mostly like the Tamers depiction of the place, while all human leads will be well-developed.


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