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With the character of Perci , this reminds me of prior "mythical Sonic characters", such as Ashura (glitched-out green Sonic), Wechidna, Cloud (a light blue Sonic that appears as a glitch in S3K), Tiara, Honey, and Nazo, in that she's been seen but we don't have much to go off of. Dracold stated " No Sonic Boom character is actually "fleshed out". All of them are rather bland and empty. But people are generally not attracted to short fat mustached mouse, skinny freckled... animal character with bad teeth, short fat grammar nazi beaver, or obese monkey in a Hawaiian shirt with voice of an old smoker..." Perci is considered a "mythical character" as opposed to just "an NPC" because of her design.

"Perci was designed to have sex appeal as the only new character on the show (along with Sticks). All other new characters were made to be stupid... but more importantly: They were made to look stupid." The NPCs of Sonic Boom tend to be crudely designed to contrast the main characters, providing focus on who to keep your attention on, even though even the mains are pretty 1-dimensional now. This choice was already chosen within a small part of the fandom because they didn't want people squeeing over minor characters. "And looks are everything in Sonic franchise.
Sonic fans are generally always attracted to the designs alone. There are quite a lot of people who love Perci, but they can't explain why to save their lives.
" This is very true. Notice how many fan-made characters follow similar guidelines to the official ones.  They love that malleable, collectible, iconic design format. Zeena is the most popular D6 because she was similar to that form.

" Do you think that if Perci looked like Lady Walrus while having the same personality... those people would love her? Do you think that if she looked like one of the Kung Fu Panda female pigs, anybody would care about her at all? How much more likable or "sexy" is her personality compared to anyone else on the show?" Indeed, most would hate her if she was ugly like Lady Walrus or whatnot. Same with Zooey. Even Lady Goat has a small following. "Yeah, it's a bonus that Perci is not super obnoxious. If the Boom writers made her very annoying and mean, less people would like her for sure. But her design plays the prime role." Indeed. Most Boom characters are horribly annoying in addition to being nasty looking.

Conversely, if some NPCs were as freaky as Ernie from "Peppermint Park", Betsy from "Action Henk", Weegee, Zelda CDI NPCs, etc, they may have a negative following from their horrifying appearances, as opposed to the mostly indifferent reaction.
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