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Well, I read the latest issue of STC-O. Despite the Big story, it felt rather bleak.


The Big story, for all the comic relief it provided, was POINTLESS.

It didn't solve anything. It's sole goal is to get a laugh out of the reader, and readers are probably at the least opportune moment for a laugh. There's plot points hanging everywhere, yet to be resolved. And yet the comic decides to chuck in a pure comedy tale instead. I can understand why they added a pure comedy story, because the main stories are rather depressing and bleak, but they're very misguided. They need to resolve their hanging plot points and end the HUGE arc fatigue. Instead they just make pure comedy stories to distract the audience. Big the Cat's inane adventures are on level with Sonic Boom at this point. 

What Sonic the Comic Online really needs to do:

* Redeem Rouge or establish her as too far gone to be redeemed. (perhaps include Fiona Fox or a new character to take her place if the latter is chosen) I suspect the former option, unless they really do kill Nack off. 
* Have Knuckles find Zachary and bring him to justice.
* Have Morain and Errol overthrow the goblin overlords
* Find out more about who Blaze is.
* Get Tekno and Shorty to a good psychiatrist
* Rekindle Amy's respect for Sonic

The only thing that would be worse than keeping the hanging is to end them on an anticlimax. 


Austin Robert Reed
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Okay so I recently watched Kung Fu Magoo and... I'm going to be honest... I didn't really hate it that much...

I have a journal entry explaining why:…

(I'm still going to consider Animals United, Bionicle: The Legend Reborn, and Moshi Monsters for review though...)
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