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The Master Emerald.

A great jewel of unfathomable power... and very roomy too. It was a dark, stormy night, where the emerald was all alone in the cold and dark. The night before, on the other hand, two Freedom Fighters named Tikal and Chaos had sealed themselves in there. Tikal, who was an adorable apricot echidna with blue eyes and lots of jewellery, said to her partner Chaos 0, a watery being with green eyes, "this looks like a cute place to stay. I hope we can invite Sinbad and Sir Gawain here too someday." Chaos 0 held up a sign reading "Yes, lets find a bed to sleep in too." And so they did find a bed. They felt that this bed had been used a lot before. Tikal picked up a note. She read it. It read: "Dear customers,
I knew you would be here, so I warmed the bed for you. I also have a nice breakfast coming up. Hope Sinbad and Gawain come too. Yours truly, Dheas." Tikal wondered who Dheas was. She began to look for Dheas, but to no avail. She decided She and Chaos should just sleep on the bed. Hours later, Chaos was woken up by a sudden noise. He saw a Nocturnus symbol in the dark, and feared for his safety. He went back to sleep, calling it a hallucination. The next morning, the two got up and had breakfast. Sinbad and Gawain came over. They played with them for a while, and then left in a strange fear. Tikal suddenly heard Shade speaking. They followed the sound. Shade said "Dheas will be here in three days." Three days later, Tikal found a map that led to Dheas. When they got there, Shade was sittting. She was sitting, and had the most unpleasant grin on her face. Shade then said "Hello. Time to eat." Tikal screamed. A few minutes later, Tikal and Chaos were stone dead. Shade stood triumphant, with a wide grin. She then left, and shortly after found Sinbad and Gawain. Later, she told this tale to Dr. Eggman. Dr. Eggman said "You are so splendid, especially the fact you repent this." The end.
This explains how Tikal died.
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July 24, 2011
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