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Oddysey of Hurt: Part 2: Sympathy

A Knouge fanfic.

Knuckles was in the great big tree. He was reclining on the large branch, with it's calm, broad leaves. Knuckles then busted out his cellphone, a violent motion that caused a small branch to fall into a milky pond. A frog swam by it and croaked. Knuckles then decied to call Blaze.

Knuckles said "Hello there, Miss Blaze" in a gentle, jolly tone.

Blaze replied to him "Is this Knuckles the Echidna? I have heard you have a big job involving some kind of Master Emerald."

Knuckles replied "Yes, but this is not what I am talking about. It's about abuse."

Blaze said "Abuse? Oh, that's terrible? Who's doing it?"

Knuckles stated "This Shadow fella, he's been treatin Rouge like a slave!" in a tone similar to Mr. Krabs.

Blaze then said in an angsty voice, "I know what it's like to be abused." "My old boyfriend Silver did that to me. It was horrible. I was feeling horrible 24/7. He said he loved me. He said he loved me because I reminded him of someone he had lost."

Knuckles then replied "What happened after that?" curiously. A songbird flew away at that moment, crooning it's song.

Blaze declared "Then my knight in shining armor came for me."

Knuckles asked "How?"

Blaze then replied back "I saw him on the shores of Labyrinth Zone. He was holding a nice bag of Doritos. I ran up to him and grabbed it from him. His look was just so dreamy, I could not resist."

"And how did he resuce you from all that horror?", Knuckles replied.

"He held me close, and I confessed everything to him. Then Silver came out and attacked me again. Then my knight beat him up. And I lived happily ever after." Blaze called back.

Knuckles then said "Knight who?"

Blaze then said "The knight was my Sonic. I met Sonic the Hedgehog a while before I met up with Mr. Badyear. He was so charming, I would have chose him. But other factors made me go with Dr. X. Also known as Silver. He clearly loved me everytime I saw him. He even dropped on one time I was being beaten."

Blaze then hung up. She walked slowly into Sonic's arms and said "I'm being haunted by memopries of years of abuse."

Sonic held her and said "Don't be sad."

Knuckles peered down at Rouge. She was playing with her Knuckles toy. She also had her Chaotix toys. There was a small toy castle, with Rouge herself in chains. Rouge played with the dolls.

Rouge then wondered: "What side of me really does want Shadow? Did I want a life like this? Why can't I tell anyone?"

Knuckles then said "Here's a gift, sweetie" and gave her the jewel he found earlier. However, a horrible revelation happened. Shadow had caught her in the act.

Shadow screamed "I CAUGHT YOU, YOU TROG!"

Shadow ordered a horrified Omega to take a picture. Omega said in a weak voice "Please, stop this."

Shadow then looked up and saw Knuckles. Shadow then said "Maybe he's the mysterious benefactor"

The Chaotix were nearby. Knuckles looked at them and said "Hey, a little help here?"

Shadow then wondered "The Chaotix. Maybe I should bribe them, as they are you know, mercenaries."

To be continued in Part 3: Mercenaries.
Knuckles eavesdrops on Rouge's situation of abuse. He then calls Blaze to see if she has any help. Ultimately, Blaze turns out to be of great help with her tale of being abused by Silver. Knuckles then gives Rouge a gift. However, Shadow catches the pair in the act. The Chaotix arrive to help. But Shadow is thinking of paying those mercenaries!

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August 26, 2012
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